About Us

Bizarre Culture is an independent digital magazine made by people, about people, for people.

We are a collection of perspectives on our weird and wonderful world, of which you are a significant part. Our aim is to encourage everyone to explore different perspectives, challenge universal views and truths, and discover the magic which inevitably happens when you invite the new into your brain – for a party with the globe and its cultures.  

In this lofty orbit of cloned, click-bait online content we are caught in, we believe you – and the stories the internet hasn’t overhead yet, told with integrity and authenticity – are the missing link between one bizarre thought and another.

Our constantly evolving team is made up of writers, artists, photographers, storytellers and more importantly, humans. If you have the opposable thumbs required to contribute a story or send us a line, email us at info@bizarreculture.com. We’d love to read what you have to say.