An Interview with Pirupa

Pirupa has been making us dance for as long as we can remember. One of Beatport’s darlings with the most downloaded tracks on the music platform; popular tracks include 2009’s ‘Sweet Devil’ (Noir Music), 2010’s ‘Get Funky’ (Cecille), and the iconic 2012 anthem ‘Party Non-Stop’ (Desolat/Defected). He has just released a new EP called ‘Spin Me Round’ with vocal samples of the classic 1984 ‘Dead Or Alive’ in collaboration with Ninho on his new record label NONSTOP.

Already a certified Ibiza anthem, heavily supported by Marco Carola, Carl Cox and Sven Väth, this one will keep the crowd warm in the winters. We had a quick chat with him among his hectic schedule.



We are really excited about ‘Spin Me Round’, on which you have collaborated with Ninho. Tell us how it come about?

Ninho is a friend of mine and comes from my hometown. We started to work together early this year and talking about ‘Spin Me Round’. The story was crazy! He just sent me a project, almost finished for mixing and mastering, and I remember while I was on the beach that day it came up in my mind to add the ‘Spin Me Round’ vocal on it…that night I was playing at a cool beach party around near me, and made everything in about 30min. When I tried it that night people went completely mad! I decided then to work on it properly as I was playing the week after at ULTRA Korea….I played it again and reaction was incredible! I thought the track was then ready to be sent to Marco Carola!


‘Spin Me Round’ is being supported by Marco Carola and Sven Väth. How do you feel about getting such positive feedback from these influential musicians?

Marco plays a lot of my tracks (most of the time unreleased) and having support by these big DJs makes me realize that I’m doing a good job with productions! The track is also heavily supported by Carl Cox…so is a very good feeling!


You recently founded NONSTOP records? What do you aim to accomplish with it?

NONSTOP is a new label and project, my own platform where I will focus on my favorites artists creating my crew. I’m very excited to be on this new adventure.


What was it like growing up in Italy? How did your environment shape your musical preferences?

I grow up in a family where music is one of the most important things. My father is a musician, my uncle was a DJ and we had a lot of parents that used to DJ too….pretty mixed music I would say!


You have forged a successful career in a really short time frame. What advice would you give to musicians who are just starting out?

Make music everyday! I believe it is the most important thing to do if you don’t have good friends who can recommend or introduce you to some big family labels, agencies, management.


What are your biggest inspirations for creating music? Tell us about some of your major influences and favourite musicians.

My major influences come from the 70’s and 80’s. I’m a big fan of garage disco music like Larry Levan, big fan of rock music like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin , nu-wave post punk music like The Cure till the fathers of house music like Frankie Knukles, the early Danny Tenaglia and MAW.


You have been producing house and techno for as long as we can remember. Will we ever see a transition to other genres?

Yes, I’m doing a different project more electronic pop with couple of musicians, I wanted to do it because sometimes you have to do also different things if you don’t want to get bored of the same things, house & techno routine.


Is there anything you don’t like about your profession?

Yes…waiting other people’s answers to my emails…that’s why sometimes I’m slow in replying too!


You have worked with numerous artists so far. Who has been your favourite collaborator and why?

So far my brother Leon is my favourite, he knows what he wants and what he’s doing.


What was your first gig like? How does it compare to your current performances?

Haha…it was a private party in front of 30 people, they were all drunk except me…very scared and excited at the same time!


What tunes do you recommend we listen to?

D’Julz – Houdini (Bass Culture)…I’ve been playing it from the summer season.


Tell us about your current studio set-up, what is your favorite gear for production these days?

Nothin special: 2 monitors and a sub all by Yamaha, apogee sound card, midi controller m-audio, Maschine and I’m thinking to buy Roland boutique that will be out in shops end of November, very nice gear!
I’m not a big fan of analogue stuff as I produce with all virtual plugins and synths, but all my mixes and masters are finalised by sound engineers who use analogue stuff.

Interviewed by Navz Sangwan

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