Best of November: Georgie’s Wintergarten, Amsterdam

Its November,  Georgie’s Wintergarten is upon us once again – there are times when being in Amsterdam is the right place to be, and this is one of them. Three years later since the first Georgie’s Wintergarten, the festival returns to retain all the charm, magic, and intimacy that it started out with. The annual tradition of its festival series this year is no different: Georgie’s Wintergarten is creating a great blend of arts and music, bringing together like-minded people to dance to really good, unidentified music. Sure, the line-up is secret, but Georgie’s Wintergarten from its very earliest days sought to promote the best of musical talent from the grassroots and up.

One more important thing! Georgie’s Wintergarten is proud to be a camera and phoneless festival. It’s about creating real memories and reducing digital footprints. This way Georgie’s Wintergarten’s main theme won’t be filters, algorithms, live streams or temporary stories. This positive form of isolation will create an inspiring place, secluded from the outside world. At the same time, the ban represents a statement against individualism of today’s modern world and its digital soul.

It’s not all about the music though; Wintergarten also offers a great range of drinks, street food, theatre among other activities. The festival has hand-picked some of the best food trucks and special beers to keep you well-fed throughout the weekend.

Leave your gadgets at home and immerse yourself in this magical place, celebrate life, create memories, make friends and lovers. Hopefully see some of you here.

You can buy the tickets here.

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