Best of October: Amsterdam Dance Event


Amsterdam Dance Event

The Amsterdam Dance Event is a five day extravaganza that is held in the late part of the European season in mid-October. The festival started off in 1996 as a three day conference and has grown every year since. It has two main prongs. The first is the daytime schedule that takes in a number of conferences in music technology, promotion and other industry-related subjects in more sedate venues. This is backed up by a crazy nightlife spectacular in the evenings.

The festival packs in a full run of smaller events and club nights. The agenda at The Amsterdam Dance Event pulls in some of the juiciest names from the world of EDM and Dance music, including both DJs and acts from every sphere and sub-genre. With over 300 separate parties making up the entertainment, packing in over 2,000 DJs in 80 different clubs and venues, this is a real rollercoaster ride of whirlwind activity that embraces the true nature of the Electronic scene.

As with many urban festivals you will have to find your own accommodation in the picturesque city of Amsterdam. However, with the tourist centric atmosphere and numerous bars and late night spots in the Dutch capital, you’ll never be too far away from a crazy moment or a friendly face. As with all club-based events, people will have their guard let down and smiles on their faces for the duration of the festival. All you have to do is hop on the party wagon and let it take you where it will.

Event: Amsterdam Dance Event 2016
Dates: Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd October 2016
Venue/location: Various venues, Amsterdam

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