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Bizarre Culture is driven by a network of contributors from around the world. All of them produce  unique stories that offer original, thoughtful perspectives about the world. Some of them are experienced writers with a history of producing great stuff, while others are passionate writers, new to the craft, looking to share their stories. Either way, we offer a platform to everyone, and we encourage people to share their ideas with us. We give credit where it’s due: you can promote yourself however you’d like in the author bio, and we’ll promote you on our social channels as well so you can connect with our growing network of sponsors, readers, and writers!

If you have a story you’d like to share with us, just send  a message to with a short pitch; make sure to read the guidelines before submitting.


Get to know us. Spend some time browsing the magazine and explore our content. This will help you submit articles that fit our style and voice.

About the Article:

1. Submit articles of no more than 1,000 words. Always be the first editor: check spelling, punctuation and grammar, fact-check and always provide great sources.

2. Photo credits: make sure the photos that accompany the articles can be used in a publication and have the appropriate photo credits. If you don’t have photos, you can use Creative Commons with the appropriate credit. All photos must be at least 800 pixels wide.

3. We prefer original content, but we accept previously published content as long as there’s no conflict of interest. The author commits not to publish the same content in other media outlets for at least 90 days.

4. Keep it simple. Find your inner-Hemingway. Be declarative. Don’t write in an over-complicated style with excessive sources. Submit something that’s easy to read, enjoy and share.

5. But not too simple. Articles with less than 200 words will not be accepted. Exceptions may apply.

6. Photos: If you wish to submit a photo essay, make sure the photos are at least 800 pixels wide, and include the following: photographer, place, date and a short description of each.