Fake it til you Make it: China Capitalizes on Counterfeit

A zoo in the People’s Park of Luohe, China, tried to convince customers that a Tibetan Mastiff dog was an African lion. The plot was blown when the friendly ‘lion’ barked at one of the zoo visitors.

China is well-known as a major counterfeiting hub. According to the World Customs Organisation, 75% of counterfeit goods seized worldwide in 2008 to 2010 came from China. The US Customs Department shows data from 2012 that claims as much as 84% of confiscated counterfeit products were from China and Hong Kong. Even with the toughest laws, the counterfeiters industry is growing without any speed bumps.

Here are some of the most ridiculous counterfeit products from China:

1)   Fake Ipads or what China calls ‘Iped’ with a cover featuring a Chinese Steve Jobs.

Asian Steve Jobs with the "Iped"

Thanks to Chinese Steve Jobs, you can now walk into an unauthorized ‘Apple Stoer’ where you can buy an ‘iPed’ for around $150. It comes with a USB port, latest Android OS, built-in Webcam and the assumption that you’re fluent in Mandarin. If anyone’s coming back from China, I hope they’re bringing back an iPed. 

2)   Starbucks gets the shaft with ‘Starfucks’

 Star Fucks in Liuzhou.

There are hundreds of Starbucks Coffee copies everywhere in China, but none that went as far as this one in Liuzhou.

3)   Even Mcdonalds and KFC confuse consumers

Mc Dnoalds 1044742

I am pretty sure that McDnoalds also give happy meals, and Mr. Obama makes wonderful fried chicken in China.

4)   Fake Nike and Adidas

1044740 Ridiculous Fake products in China Part 2_14

5)   Fake Nokia products


Just wondering if Microsoft acquired Nokla too.

6)   Fake Alcohol, AKA ‘rotgut’

1044731 rsILI

It’s estimated that as much as 80% of all alcohol in Shanghai is fake. Head over to China to drink John Daphne and Heimekem.

7)   Fake Condoms


No surprise China is overpopulated- it’s probably because the condoms don’t work properly. In a recent raid, officers seized 4.6 million inferior rubber condoms and prevented an entire generation from ever existing.


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