Felix Kröcher – Ammunition EP

Techno don Felix Kröcher returns for his second release on Italian-based Riot Recordings. The Ammunition EP demonstrates his intricate grasp of the genre and his ability to consistently create dancefloor-ready productions. Hollen and Loco & Jam are both on remix duties

Ammunition is a dynamic combination of punchy bass, syncopated hi-hats and a strong 4/4 kick on the A-side, with filters adding Felix’s trademark intensity to the synth rises. On the B-side, Amps is a more minimal, atmosphetic affair, using space to create a broad and deep sound. The driving kick is interjected by staccato synth-work, drawing the focus of the track to the methodical rides and periodic percussive elements.

Remixing Ammunition are Northern Irish duo Loco & Jam, whose tech-house take on the original adds affected vocals and a wiry sub-bass. Italian producer Hollen brings his bassy approach to Amps, sure to create a stir on the dancefloor. With outstanding productions, impressive performances and a longstanding weekly radio show on Germany’s Sunshine Live, Felix Kröcher has been deemed a true icon of German techno. 2016 is shaping up to be a big year.

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