Film of the Month: Life In a Fishbowl

Life In a Fishbowl (or Vonarstræti) is an Icelandic drama directed by Baldvin Zophoniasson. We witness the lives of three individuals living in the same town and how their paths intertwine over the course of the film. An ex-football player turned banker, a novelist & writer turned alcoholic, and a single mother turned prostitute.



This film explores the lives of these characters and slowly unravels the story behind each of them and how they came to be in their current position. These stories contain very real and difficult events, mainly family-oriented and devastating. Móri, the writer, was by far the most interesting character in the film. His ragged appearance and alcoholism see him perceived as nothing but an old wino who writes well. As we begin to see through this veil, we glimpse a gentleman stranded in an ocean of grief, relying on alcohol as his only relief from his suffering of the past. This film delves deep into those who are perceived negatively by society and reveals the suffering at the heart of their situations. Overall Life In a Fishbowl was a decent watch.

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