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Jack avoids the outside world as much as he can, but when he is forced to save one of the few people he has a relationship with, his ultra violent past is unleashed.


Jason Crawczyk’s He Never Died is a grand example of how low budget filmmaking in the thriller/horror genre can often eclipse the dull Hollywood fodder that is peddled out at rapid rates. He Never Died manages to merge together a slow burning thriller with a darkly tongue in cheek comedic touch.

The driving force behind the film is Henry Rollins, he gives by far his most impressive performance to date. He perfectly embodies the tough exterior to Jack’s character while having the ability to lighten up the dark mood of the film with his understated dead-pan delivery. Rollins manages to add noticeable weight to the action sequences that really pack a punch.

The intense score manages to build tension and dread throughout the film. The score is very interesting, using over the top demonic sounds to portray the internal struggle going on inside Jack’s head works extremely well. The confidence of Crawcyk’s directions oozes onto the screen, the film is beautifully shot, however, he never opts for a style over substance stance that you see so often in the modern thriller.

While the generic horror tropes are evident in the film, the director doesn’t resort to any cheap jump scares, He Never Died isn’t about that. The fusion of these horror tropes and the sarcasm in the script allow the film to develop in an unexpected manor, never lingering on plot points that refer to Jack’s past, allowing him to keep his enigmatic status throughout the film.

He Never Died is an extremely accomplished piece of filmmaking from a young director. Driven forward by a career best performance from Rollins, this dark and comic thriller hits every note set by the genre, and surpassing the expectations of a low budget thriller. This is a character that deserves a second outing in an industry full of remakes and reboots.

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