Freedom to Explore?

Passport Rankings Across the Globe (Dis)allow International Movement puts Things in Perspective

In 2013, global consulting firm Henley and Partners accumulated travel data based on international visa restrictions to determine countries with the most lax travel laws, and, of course, nations who adore their citizens so much they can’t bear the idea of letting go. This is what the data says:

Scandinavian countries top the list along with their Western European neighbors, with Finland, Sweden and the U.K. sharing the top ranking. Each nation allows its citizens access to 173 countries without applying for a visa. Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and the U.S. follow, allowing access to 172 countries with no required visa.

Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan are among the most restricted countries for travel.

All stated, Henley and Partners “assum[e]” 219 total “destination countries,” which makes the highest potential aggregate score 218. No country comes close, which can impart wandering questions about personal agency, (inter)national policy and ideas of freedom.

Top rankings:

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 01.58.56

Bottom rankings:

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 01.56.34

Get the full list here to know where your country stands:




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