Headman / Robi Insinna – 6 E.P. III

Headman, a.k.a Robi Insinna, is back. In September and December 2014 we were treated to two EP’s 6 E.P.I and 6 E.P.II and perhaps rather unsurprisingly, we are now in for an absolute treat with the 6 E.P.III. There is a vinyl album available, (ooh analogue) limited to 200 copies and a digital download. The release has 3 remixes by Manfredas, Alejandro Paz, Shift Work and reworks and dubs by Headman/ Robi Insinna. There are also 2 Videos created by Robi, one for ‘Something’ and another one for Manfredas remix of ‘Work’ .



Headman has been going for 14 years now as an artist working on his own material and remixes, with a bit longer under his belt as a producer. And guess what? He still sounds fresh. Headman sits at this place in between Daft Punk and trip-hop and still sounds modern. Spaced out but never afraid of a driving beat and some decidedly retro synth sounds. Not necessarily the perfect set of summer tunes (which, inevitably, we’re looking for at this time of year) but when music is this decent, that doesn’t matter one bit.



So, if you’re reading this on the internet, right? Stop reading right now and listen to the stuff by this Swiss wizard. You won’t be disappointed.


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