Here’s what people had to say about the new Shlohmo album

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Shlohmo‘s ‘Dark Red’ is his second album after a gap of three and half years. As the name suggests, its quite dark and gloomy and he has brilliantly used the dark sounds and dramatic effects. Instead of one of us doing a review, we asked our audience what they think of Dark Red. Most of them have never heard of Shlohmo before. So far we have got a mixed and confusing response but yeah mass has spoken.

“The album is sick, it makes me want to lock myself in the darkest room ever with complete random strangers and try to communicate with them without talking or touching”

“This sounds like a late 90’s Playstation One horror game like Resident Evil or Silent Hill’s intro themes mixed with Time Crisis. I actually feel as if I’m having a rather mediocre LSD trip running around some dark corridors possible infested by monsters carrying a pixelated Minecraft resembling 50mm pistol with about 4 bullets in it because life is hard like that. Shame I’m not, I’m eating four day old chicken. RIP me.”

“Does he want to be the Hans Zimmer of electronic music”

“There is no words in the song but I feel like I understood what it’s all about.”

“Beams feels like the third time you have sex”

“It sounds something out of space.”

“The album is so hauntingly beautiful”

“If I die, please bury me with this album playing on repeat”

There is a lot more emotion to his works than meets the eye.”

“Did I just have a wank?”

“I am confused”

“Love that IDM, Jungle and metal are in one song”


“Dope!! This is the next level 10/10”

“Shlohmo is Burial, right??”

“Who the fuck is this guy?”

“To me, this track sounds like the desperation of an urban youth as his culture crumbles away.”

“Tales from the dark side”

“If you don’t feel this, you’re dead…from the inside. “

“I listened to it for first two minutes, got bored. The new Rihanna song is the shit bro.”

“I flew to the moon and back after listening to this one. Seriously who the fuck is he?”

“I am sorry, this is just plain noise. I can’t waste my time listening to this shit.”

“Sounds like Caribou met Cosmin TRG in the 90s. It’s good though.”

“Aphex twin without the beats.”

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