Hotel International – From Manilla with Love

Hotel International and Samuel Berdah bring the newest release on London based label Days of Being Wild. From Manilla with Love is a synth-heavy EP of refined electronic music, with the pair’s italo-disco influences shining through.

Nos Anneés Sauvages starts mellow and drum-driven, before the layered synth lines and spaced-out vocals build it into something euphoric, immediately conjuring up images of cruising through the sunshine. 9 Semaines 1/2 is just as enticing, drawing you in with a melodic lead and classic, eighties claps.

The EP’s title track ups the pace, with rhythmically-placed snippets of a close encounter sitting perfectly over ticking drum machine rimshots and a thick, dreamy baseline.

Berdah goes solo on the B-side, slowing it down with the chugging weight of The Major Drum Instinct, while the crunchy drums and nostalgic bassline on Answers complement its spinning lead line perfectly.

You can’t help but forget your troubles and dance to Berdah and Kirmann’s polished productions, released exclusively on 100 copies of coloured vinyl.

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