House of Cards: 10 questions hanging over from the last season

Politics is often known to be scandalous, however I never thought a drama related to politics could be so intense that it would leave me binging for hours on end as soon as the new season is finally released onto Netflix. The Netflix original series, House of Cards, is the only series in the last few years that has managed to grip me as much as Games of Throne and Breaking Bad. One of the main reasons for the shows success is the superb central performance from Kevin Spacey (two Oscars, one BAFTA, one Golden Globe) who winds back the years with his brutal depiction of Frank Underwood, a politician who will weave any web and burn as many bridges as necessary to gain power. Spacey isn’t alone when it comes to giving outstanding performances every episode, he is joined by a spectacularly talented supporting cast, fronted by Robin Wright who plays Spacey’s wife, Claire.


For those of us who have faithfully waited for the third season of the hit political drama series House of Cards can rejoice as the wait is finally over, the third and probably final season of House of Cards will be available on Netflix from the 27th February. The third season will be released as the second season, all at one via Netflix, allowing us to binge through as many episodes as is humanly possible.

Now that Frank’s (Kevin Spacey) masterful manipulation has finally brought him to the highest office in America, the stakes are now even higher and we can expect a lot more intense and nail biting episodes. However, there are a few questions that are probably going through viewers mind, here we have made a list of what questions season 3 will hopefully answer.


 House of Cards Bizarre Culture

Is Doug Stamper dead? The last we saw of Doug, he was left bleeding following a violent confrontation with Rachel, and since then fans have been guessing whether he will survive. However, fans that had watched the BBC version of House of Cards were aware that the character wouldn’t survive long, as Doug’s counterpart in the original version died at the end of the show’s second season.


 House of Cards Bizarre Culture Seth Grayson

Will the PR guy Seth Grayson manage to fill Doug Stamper’s shoes? It will be a massive blow to Frank’s administration if Doug Stamper is in fact dead. Grayson has a hell of a job to fill if he is to be as important to Frank as Doug has been. However, Remy is available for the job so he is an option Frank can turn to. This would be the most likely scenario as Remy and Frank have history, also Remy’s desire and drive for success matches that of Frank’s.


Gavin Orsay

What is going to be the role of the cyberhacker? Now that he has tracked down Rachel Posner and more than likely has all of the information from the phone call records between Zoe Barnes and Frank Underwood, he is now a major threat for Frank. This could be an interesting development in the plot throughout the third season, now that Frank has disposed of Ramond Tusk he will need a new adversary, the cyberhacker could play a pivotal role in any possible downfall for Frank and his administration.


 House of Cards Bizarre Culture Rachel Posner

Is there going to be any new development in the death of Zoe Barnes and Peter Russo?
As Lucas Goodwin is now in jail, we can probably rule him out of any major involvement. Will Hammerschmidt and Skorsky stay silent? The cyberhacker is probably the character most likely to bring this issue to light, causing him to be one of Frank’s biggest threats throughout the third season.


 House of Cards Bizarre Culture Catherine wumack

Who is going to be the next vice president? Frank is a reasonable man and is known to reward loyalty. He is definitely not going to choose someone who has a history of defying him. Therefore, I think the only two good options are Durant and Womack. However, there has been lots of symbolism in conversations between Frank and Durant. They danced together, Frank told her, “Where you go, I go.” Therefore, my guess is Durant, and Womack will be Sec. of State. Also, Frank would never pick Linda. Linda has defied him too many times; he would never want her in his inner circle (“that vomit inducing, back-stabbing bitch”). Sharp is another that logically wouldn’t stand a chance as she has also defied Frank in the past.


 House of Cards Bizarre Culture Walker

What is going on with President Walker?

The whole situation involving former President Walker is a bit of an enigma going into the new season. After Frank took office at the end of season 2 we have been offered no insight into what role, if any, Walker will play. If he is to be involved in this season, there could be an interesting dynamic created between Frank and Walker where their previous relationship is reversed with Walker offering advice to his successor.

Can the Underwood’s marriage survive?

Claire’s given up her life’s work to help her husband get into the White House but from the trailer, it seems Claire is having doubts about the whole presidency thing.

It looks like they are growing increasingly distant in the trailer which doesn’t bode well for Frank. He will have numerous obstacles in his way throughout the third season and if his marriage is on the rocks that will become an unneeded distraction. Claire is pivotal to Frank, she’s his rock who will stand by his every decision no matter how dark and twisted it is, he needs Claire in his corner to be successful.

 House of Cards Bizarre Culture Viktor Petrov Putin

Who is the person who looks like Putin? And what role will he play?

Frank has handled the conflict with China showing very strong leadership skills at the end of season two. The new threat in season three seems to be coming from Russia. There is a scene where Frank is attempting to shake hands with the Russian president named Viktor Petrov, who later in the trailer kisses Claire, he is also the subject of a protest outside the White House. According to sources, in the third episode of the new series, Pussy Riot members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova come face-to-face with a fictional Russian leader at a dinner party thrown by Frank Underwood which doesn’t go well. The dinner turns into a disaster as the Russian punks, who play themselves along with fellow activist Pyotr Verzilov, launch themselves into an angry rant against Underwood`s guest.

“We stand up, Petya (Verzilov) bangs the table with his fist and says that we would like to propose a toast,” Tolokonnikova told the New Times, a Russian opposition magazine.

“And we drink to the Russian president who loves his friends so much that he has sold them half the country, the commander-in-chief who is not afraid of anyone except gays,” the 25-year-old said.


House of Cards Bizarre Culture Frank underwood

Will Frank die?

In the original BBC version of House of Cards Claire kills her husband at the end of season three. Fans have been wondering if that same outcome will come to the American version.


House of Cards Bizarre Culture Freddy

Where will Frank eat his ribs as Freddie’s is closed?

Freddy was the closest thing Frank had to a real friend so to throw him away for a political future was a hard thing to watch. Now Freddie’s has closed, where will Frank eat ribs and have secret meetings?

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