James Blake Releases Album Info and New Track

We have a bit of a crush on James Blake here at Bizarre Culture. Having produced two of the most memorable albums of the millennium, put on a host of beautiful live shows and launched his own record label 1-800 Dinosaur, Blake has carved a distinctive space for himself in popular music at the age of 27.

Following a surprise appearance on BBC Radio 1, we now know more about Radio Silence, Blake’s third album, and his first full release since 2014’s 200 Press EP. The album will contain 18 tracks, one of which will last for over 20 minutes. It is also rumoured that Radio Silence will feature Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, and Kanye West- both of whom have previously worked with Blake. A final release date for the album has not yet been specified.

On the Radio 1 show, we also got a taste of the new album, with a play through of ‘’Timeless’’, which you can hear above. ”Timeless” is the second new song we’ve heard from Blake this year, with ”Modern Soul” being premiered in February.

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