Jon E Cash – Jon E Cash EP

Before turning to house in the late 00s, T Williams emerged as one of grime’s seminal producers. His Today, Tomorrow label revolves around the innovation and genre-bending selections which have characterised T’s ten-plus year career as DJ, producer and remixer. At a time when the worlds of urban and electronic music swirl ever closer, T and his label Today, Tomorrow is primed to deliver an organic point of intersection.

This limited edition vinyl release is a compilation of 4 previously unreleased tracks from the vaults of West London grime legend Jon E Cash – T Williams’ former cohort in the renowned Black Ops grime crew. Jon E Cash is one of the key members and founding fathers on the Black Ops crew, alongside Charmzy, D-2Real, Chaps, Sly, Copone and T under his former Dread.D monicker.

Black Ops was responsible for some of the genre anthems of the early 00s, and although he never really went away, Jon E Cash steps firmly back into the limelight with 4 previously unreleased smashers from circa 2002, the prime time of the grime and sublow movement, featuring “Gangster”, “War Bashie”, “Cash Combo” and “Sen U Rita”. It’s out now!

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