Karachi Files | Cross-Cultural Electronic Music

May 2015. Karachi, Pakistan. Electronic musicians from Pakistan, the Maldives and Germany met in a house remodelled into a temporary recording studio to collaborate, inspire and be inspired. The outcome of the two weeks became the Karachi Files.

With such broad cultural backgrounds combined with the inspiration drawn from such a unique setting, the incredible variety of the resulting tracks is unsurprising, from electronic club music to electro-acoustic experiments.

Highlights for us include the ambient Drifting Dreams, footwork infused Good Morning Karachi and the glitched-out Rise Jamming. Dust, Dissolve and Second Floor are simply mesmerising. Perhaps what is most striking about Karachi Files as a project is the undefinable and intangible unity across the seventeen tracks, despite its variety.



The album will be performed live in Berlin on May 14th, during “From Inside To Way Out”, a three day festival with a special view on Pakistan. The festival includes the works of musicians, filmmakers, photographers, journalists and artists. Tickets and info here.

1. Drifting Dreams – Rudoh, Alien Panda Jury, Hannes Teichmann
2. Good Morning Karachi – Taprikk Sweezee, Gebr. Teichmann,
Natasha Humera, Rudoh
3. Corner Beat – Arttu, rRoxymore, Gebr. Teichmann, Menimal, Natasha Humera
4. Arttu Welcome Jam – Ramsha, rRoxymore, Gebr. Teichmann
5. Dust – Rudoh, Taprikk Sweezee, Alien Panda Jury, Ramsha
6. How Much Worth Your Passport – rRoxymore, Gebr. Teichmann
7. Boards of Karachi – Ramsha, Gebr. Teichmann, Alien Panda Jury, Taprikk
8. Rise Jamming – Dynoman, Arrtu, Gebr. Teichmann
9. Dubbakella (Laties Mix) – Menimal, Hannes Teichmann
10. Pak-O-Lala – Tollcrane, rRoxymore, Dynoman, Gebr. Teichmann
11. Mangoseason – Taprikk Sweezee, Alien Panda Jury, Ramsha, Rudoh
12. LS_50607 Edit – Alien Panda Jury, Natasha Humera, Ramsha, rRoxymore
13. Access No Areas – Arttu, Menimal, Taprikk Sweezee, Gebr. Teichmann
14. Agar Aap – Ramsha, Rudoh, Lauf
15. Second Floor – Gebr. Teichmann, Natasha Humera, Ramsha, Taprikk Sweezee
16. Dissolve – Taprikk Sweezee, Rudoh, Gebr.
17. Deep End – rRoxymore, Gebr. Teichmann

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