Los Massieras – Black Moon | Video Premiere

Following the release of their We Don’t Need… EP on September 18th, Los Massieras take their unique sound to the visual dimension with the video for their B-Side Black Moon. The trio’s diverse musical background is self-evident on the entire release, but the joyous confusion of their disco-but-dub-but-world sound is free to engage the senses in this distinctly nostalgic video.

What looks like an abandoned construction site is given connotations of an Aztec ruin as its graffiti-covered walls contrast with the colourful god-like figure that wanders through the video. Like its soundtrack, the visuals never settle for too long.


Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 18.30.43


Black Moon’s sonic landscape is filled with drones and deep synths, before these fall away to let the sitar riff melt through. It is eerie, intoxicating and suspenseful, and certainly a far cry from anything we’ve heard before. The rest of the EP follows a slightly more conventional dubby disco path, with the headline track getting an ambient remix by Parallax Octet.

In terms of originality, Black Moon is the standout track on the release, simply refusing to be categorised.

Black Moon is the debut release on Mathieu Besset and David Ducaruge’s WYN & M Records. To get an exclusive feel for what the label is all about, listen to their first podcast mix here.

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