New Music: Picks of July

Matt Walsh- Shake the Mind

Matt Walsh has been producing music since the late nineties, mostly as Clouded Vision. Along the way he has gained a reputation for releasing high-quality techno, both his own work and through his recorded label, Clouded Vision Recordings. This single continues that trend, featuring a radio and an extended mix of the title track, a slice of pure ambient techno. There is also a remix provided by Daniel Avery.

Daniel Avery (whose 2014 album Drone Logic was critically acclaimed) gives the track a significant overhaul in his remix. The sound is darker and less precise than the original cut, with the clear synth line swapped for a moody, reverb drenched sound, while the bass is boosted. Avery also adds a rather catchy cowbell.


Jesslem- Harlequin EP

Harlequin EP is the first release from Jesslem, real name Kenneth Sabalo. Sabalo sites grime, drum and bass and dubstep as key influences. It is appropriate then, that the EP is released on Today, Tomorrow, a label set up as a home for music which sits at the intersection of electronic and urban music. All the tracks on Harlequin EP live up to this basic philosophy. The track Hunting Season in particular stands out combing urban and electronic music; it starts a grime influenced track and morphs in to an ambient, piano heavy piece of electronica.


Invisible Cities- Moments In Between

Invisible Cities is a new collective run by the London based house and baleric producers Luca C & Brigante. Moments in Between, Invisible Cities’ first release in a new series of work, features Zeben Jameson, best known for his work with the band A Mountain of One. Jameson’s plaintive voice echoes out across a decidedly funky electric piano riff back by some old school drum machine beats.

The B side of this single is a remix by Ivan Smagghe and a dub of the remix. Smagghe’s previous work includes numerous remixes and production credits with Black Strobe. The remix is decidedly darker than the original, with a slower tempo, heavier bass line and distorted vocals.


Words by Matthew Gibson

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