No Cameras Allowed: Watch a guy Crash 50 Music Festivals in This Documentary

No Cameras Allowed is a story of James Marcus Haney, a man who has crashed over 50 festivals and events, including GlastonburyBonnaroo, and Coachella, in addition to the Grammys. Haney, an aspiring filmmaker and photographer, turned his journey into a documentary, which was premiered last month on MTV.

The full film is available to view online — watch below.



The journey began at Coachella 2010, where penniless James first jumped the fence to watch his favourite band, hang out with friends and to meet a girl he really liked. Even though he was thrown out of Coachella, James didn’t give up and continued sneaking into over 50 events. No Cameras Allowed captures his undercover entry into festivals, printing fake tickets, and his run-ins with security as well as his relationship with big bands such as Mumford and Sons and The Naked and Famous (who provided songs for the film’s soundtrack).

In an interview with Noisey, Haney explained that the film extends beyond “guy breaks into countless music festivals.” He explains that “the trailer makes the film out to be about a guy sneaking into festivals but it’s really a coming of age story set in a music world. It’s a love letter written to these festivals, in a way. And it shows them in such a great light that my goal is that people will see my film and then go and experience live music on their own. There’s no way you can translate the live music experience on to film.”

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