Notting Hill Carnival through our lense

For the last 49 years Notting Hill Carnival has been a rare opportunity for Londoners to unclench their stiff upper lips, dust off their gladrags and get in touch with their irie vibes. Though often marred by violence and unrest in the past, more recently Europe’s biggest street party has been a testament to the importance Afro-Caribbean culture has had on British society. This year Carnival was no different from the last. For the West Londoners living there, it’s a good excuse to get out and forget about the fact that half of London is pissing all over their front doors marking their territory and leaving their chicken bones on the windowsill. And for carousers, it’s a chance to get fucked again and puke on every corner of town. All of this combined with the vibrant colours, jovial spirits and outré outfits made it the perfect photographic opportunity. Check out some snaps above.

Photos by Jon Bombo

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