Relish Records: Industria, Vol. 1 Review

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Apparently this is a busy time for Robi Insinna. We recently reviewed Insinna’s 6 E.P.III, and he has already released a new compilation from Industria, a series from his record label, Relish. All of the Industria EPs will be compilations that feature different, upcoming artists. We’ve had a listen to the first EP in the series, and at first listen it doesn’t disappoint.

The compilation leads off with Mondowski’s track ‘Cry Wolf’. Although, Mondowski is well known for his i.Boat parties in Boudreaux, he is a talented producer as well. He found electronica in the UK and claims acid house as one of his influences. You won’t quite hear this influence straight away. It’s an eight and a half minute downbeat track with a simple rhythm and bass line that builds up and fades. That acid house bubbly thing is there though. It is subtle, giving just enough punch to stop the track from becoming too dark.

‘So You Say’ by Maya Danon is up next. Danon previously released one track on Relish called ‘Dazed’. Here, we get a relatively dark dance track. This time, though, the tempo is more upbeat, with driving force, and there is more of a sense of direction for this track than with ‘Cry Wolf’.

The final cut on Industria Vol. I is a remix of ‘Barbarism’ by Red Axes. The original mix appeared on Headman’s 6 E.P.I. The darkness that pervades this compilation remains in the remix, though it is the least noticeable of all the tracks. The remix is heavier and more industrial that the original cut, which was supported by Ivan Smagge, among others.

All in all, Industria, Vol. I isn’t an undisputed classic. Compilations very rarely are. But this is evidently a set of tracks that have been put together cleverly. They are different enough for each of the artist’s sounds to be distinctly recognized, yet have enough similarity to create an aesthetically coherent collection. So, kudos to Robi Insinna for using the platform Relish gives him to promote new music. If the Industria series continues as it has started it will be an interesting source of new tracks from upcoming artists.

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