Sprouting Life in the Forest – Fatherly Tree, Motherly Mountain: A Classroom Mural Painted in India by Yusuke Asai

Japanese artist Yusuke Asai has covered a primary school classroom in Maharashtra, India, in a mural made with paint prepared from mud, dirt and sand found in the village.

The nature themed mural was crafted for the Wall Art Festival. The mural is called “Sprouting Life in the Forest – Fatherly Tree, Motherly Mountain” and shows a vibrant forest full of life that sprouts around the blue classroom. The scene depicts the cycles of life, in both the animal world and the plant world.

Local students also contributed to his paintings by creating mud handprints. The handprints were then transformed into flying birds that frolic amongst the trees.

The freedom of style the mural represents, as indicated by the Artist Yusuke Asai San, will translate to ‘open freer thinking’ in the minds of the students.

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