Stencil Art Norway: 15th April – 1st May, Reed Projects Gallery, Stavanger, Norway

The use of stencils dates back over 37 thousand years, as evident in Neanderthal cave art found in Spain. These paintings are outlines of hand prints; it is theorized that Prehistoric man or woman would place their hand against the wall, and then blow finely crushed pigment around it. These stencils were accompanied by shapes from the natural world and daily life: animals, hunting scenes, and ritual all figure prominently.

Stencil Art Norway surveys the most popular technique used for graffiti and street art worldwide, tracing the lineage from 35000-year-old stencils painted with natural pigments across Asia and Europe to the modern day rebels utilising their quick and easily-reproducible nature. Stencil Art Norway shines a light on Scandinavia’s love affair with the medium with a comprehensive overview of the most recognisable and beloved of all street art’s recognised styles. Featuring work from the early days of Norwegian movement to the present day, including the works from the AFK, Argus, Dolk, Dotdotdot, Hama Woods, Jan Olav Forberg, La Staa, Martin Whatson, NIMI, Skurk, TREF and more.

‘Stencil Art Norway’
Date: 15th April – 1st May, 2016
Reed Projects Gallery, Stavanger, Norway /

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