UK General Election: A Note From Our Editors

We will be getting a bit political so bear with us for the next few days until the General Election in the UK. We are an arts collective, but art has always challenged injustice. This time the injustice comes from the Conservatives (Tories), who are leading in the current polls. The Conservatives aim to cut funding for health, education, the police force, and housing, perpetuating a passive undercurrent of animosity towards minorities. If the general scope of their manifesto weren’t enough; Theresa May aims to bring back fox hunting – a medieval sport entrenched in needless cruelty, and class divide. Tories are notoriously known for taking from the vulnerable, giving it to the powerful. The world managed by Tories is not the world we want to live in.

Looking through the entire lens of human history, the world population prospers today more than it ever has – and yet, there is still disproportionate suffering; there are huge natural, political and economic threats looming large on our horizon. Climate change eats into our environment and continues to warp our world and its orders, wars wage on with no clear resolution, and desperate poverty in the UK rises and rises. There is enough to go around; and now is the time to show you care.

By being on the ‘Right’ (as opposed to left) side of the political spectrum, you are accelerating the pace of these problems which are indirectly supporting environment degradation, trickle-down economics, cutting foreign aid and welfare, and supplying arms to cruel regimes. By being in the centre, you are ignoring these issues: whoever saw change by accepting ‘grey’ compromise? By being on the left, you are at least trying to make the world a better place to live in by promoting equal opportunities for all, investing in under-funded public services and foreign policies that bring peace and global justice. No one should sleep rough on the streets, no child should go to school hungry, no sick person should wait for medical services. If you are a true believer in democracy and want your government to work for the many and not the few, we do hope you vote for someone who stands for the people, and not for the money.

Please vote Labour/Jeremy Corbyn on 8th June.

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