Why you’ll fall in love with sLOVEnia

When you are looking for a romantic getaway in Europe, the destinations usually considered are Paris, Venice, Rome…

But there’s a new player in the field – Slovenia.

Nestled between Austria and Croatia, Slovenia is a country with a lot to offer. The capital, Ljubljana, is a small city with an amazing atmosphere. With Ljubljana castle standing proud on top of the hill overlooking the city, and the Triple and Dragon bridges, this small city is not lacking in culture. It also has its very own “love-lock bridge” (not so aptly named the “Butcher’s Bridge”…), where lovers inscribe their names onto a padlock, attach it to the bridge, and throw the key into the river below, thus securing their love forever.


Lock bridge resize2


One woman who visited Ljubljana whilst heavily pregnant with her daughter loved Ljubljana so much, and felt the romance of the city so strongly, that when she unexpectedly gave birth in the city, she named her baby after the city!

With Ljubljana’s architecture drawing inspiration from Venice, with spires in hues blue and green and the orange tiled rooftops common to this region of Europe, it’s a beautiful place. With a tree-banked river running through the centre and quaint little cafés (my personal favourite being the French-style “Le Petit Cafe” that does delicious food – seriously, the best breakfast I had throughout my travels, if not ever!) it’s as picturesque as a postcard. With the majority of the centre being pedestrian only, it’s perfect for exploring the winding streets by day or for a romantic stroll by the river in the evening.

But what if cities just aren’t your thing? Don’t rule Slovenia out just yet, as well as the cultural city of Ljubljana, a short drive away is the magical Lake Bled.

Lake Bled is like a fairytale incarnated, encompassing every romantics dream, from the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains of the Julian Alps to the perfectly still, serene lake at the heart of Bled. At the lakes shore is a large wooden heart where sweethearts can sit together and look out over the water, watching the little wooden rowing boats hired for a romantic trip out to the charming gothic style church on the small island in the centre of the lake. There’s a feeling of peace and serenity around Lake Bled. It’s a place where you can stroll hand-in-hand, share a slice of the famous Bled cream cake, or just sit in companionable silence.

If you have a bit more energy, there’s Bled castle to visit, or else you could climb up to a lesser-known observation point high above the lake and experience the panoramic views away from the crowds, enjoying the beauty of Slovenia at its finest.

Whatever you decide to do, and wherever you visit, one thing is for sure, you’ll fall in love with sLOVEnia.

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