Relish Compilation IV

Relish head honcho Robi Insinna aka Headman has compiled the label’s latest compilation, an eclectic mix of techno, retro, electro, funk and more. Organised into two sets, it will be released digitally and on a limited edition CD.

Kicking things off is an exclusive 90’s inspired retro affair by French producer, Mondowski. Slowly easing its way into the mix is Manfredas remix of underground hit “Work”, followed by Bozzwell, who guides us along with his poetic lyrics and tainted electro. We slowly make our way to the epicenter of electronic club culture with Scandi producers Kasper Bjørke and Sexi Lazer’s alias The Mansister, steadily building the driving Techno beat prevalent in Maya Danon’s production. Relish alumni Morgan Hammer returns with a dark track, championing the spirit of rebellion. Robi Insinna is up next with his new motoric dance track “Main Gates”, prepping the stage for Herectic featuring Justine’s moody ambience and chilling vocals. Headman and Red Axes take back the stage with their sultry and exceptionally voluptuous groove, what’s to follow is a NYC legends, Whatever Whatever’s remix of old school luminary, Stephan Eicher, closing the first set on a musical high.

The compilation continues with Tel Aviv heroes, Red Axes remix of German New Wave diva Gina X filling the room with her luscious vocals. Next up, is Daniel Avery’s slow and chuggy remix of Headman’s massive track, “Be Loved”, released in late 2011. Headman’s rework of Scott Frasers”Paraphrase Mine” follows, and doesn’t fail to deliver, then comes a collaboration with Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas J McCathy and it was given the Daniel Maloso treatment. Next up is Daniel Avery’s Original release on Relish, a Kraut influenced piece of electro that propels us into Richard Fearless Death in Vegas’ techno infused drones. Now we take a breather with Rework’s remix of Remain, slowly pumping us back into a steady trance, and dropping us with Kim Ann Foxman’s audacious remix of International.Andy Meecham aka The Emperor Machine keeps on the driving the beat with his cheeky remix, it’s followed Timothy J. Fairplay’s remix of Scott Fraser’s “Centreville Lapse”, wrapping things off with distinction.

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