Getting to Know: TITIA


Fresh off a tight set at Is Burning for Pride Weekend in Amsterdam, local DJ Titia van Beckum – a.k.a. TITIA – is in the middle of a banging summer festival schedule. TITIA is known for eclectic taste, having begun her career spinning at local parties for fun as a member of the Supergirls DJ collective – standing out as the primary selector. In preparation for her Loveland Festival set on Sunday, we wanted to pick her brain a bit and get to know her before catching her opening the RISE STAGE this Sunday.

Editor’s Note: TITIA is recovering from an illness so the interview has been abreviated from it’s original form. We wish her a speedy recovery!

Your taste in music and your DJ sets reflect a variety of influences. What are 3 records you can’t live without?

1. The New Sound of Soul – The Strength (Deep in House Mix)

2. Nightmares on Wax – Aftermath

3. Outlander – TZ4 Untitled A2

You are playing Loveland on Sunday, August 11th. What do you have planned for your set? Are you nervous at all?

An opening set is about setting the right mood, getting the crowd ready and excited for a fun day (or night). You never know what to expect, so I like to do things intuitively. I’ve nothing planned and I am not nervous, it’s fun! I like to surprise myself!

Describe your “sound” for those who may not be familiar with your sets, but are going to Loveland and would like to check out your set.

It’s house, acid, techno, breaks… Like Kool Rock Steady said: I’ll make you dance!

Do you prefer a peak time closing set in a dark basement club or a day time set on a festival stage? Why?

Definitely a dark basement! The musical experience is way better there! There’s something I like about darkness, the anonimity. You can’t see, only feel. And for me that’s what music is about.

At some point, even the people who love their job and are happy to be be paid for their time entertaining can find something to complain about. What are the little things that can or often do go wrong that irritate you when you show up to a gig to perform that most people wouldn’t know?

I think I’m pretty easy. Every stage is different, as is the sound, and you just learn how to deal with different situations. The only time that I got a little irritated was when a technical guy accidentally unplugged the cd player that was playing – right in the middle of my set – and didnt take responsibility for it… in front of 2000 people! Apart from that – just give me a drink and I am good to go basically.

If you miss TITIA this weekend, be sure to catch her at the inaugural Eilân Festival, Mysteryland, or Lowlands (to name a few), and see what this easy-going, spontaneous selector has prepared to make your body move!

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