Bluedot Festival: A Beautiful Combination of Science, Technology, Arts, and Music

Bluedot festival is a rare gemstone that inhabits the interface of science and culture. Winner of ‘New Festival on the Block’ and ‘Mind Blowing Spectacle’ in its debut year, Bluedot festival is an interstellar and long overdue concept festival that sets out to achieve unity in an exquisite portrayal of humanity through music, art, and technology. Their message is clear – ‘to explore the intersections of science, culture, art, and technology, and to highlight the fragility of planet Earth.’

Immerse yourself in the sonic tapestry of one of the most thoughtfully curated lineups of 2017, indulge your curiosities with the world’s most illustrious scientists, or bathe your senses in the hundreds of audiovisual experiences littering the area. Bluedot celebrates what it means to be human, showcasing hand-selected artwork, music, and technology that cultivate the human experience in learning, dancing, and inspiration.

If Science is an exponential process, than Bluedot festival matches its progress, building on the successes of last year’s innovation. Jaw-dropping visuals meet precision-engineered set designs at four musical stages, hosting interstellar vibrations from the likes of Orbital, Andrew Weatherall, Alt-J, Pixies, Factory Floor, Mr. Scruff, Soulwax, Rival Consoles, Space Afrika, Anchorsong, Joe Goddard, Nightmares on Wax and Jane Weaver to note just a few sound systems in the multiverse of Bluedot.

Bluedot brings inquisitive people together to explore and create. Eminent scientists give provocative talks such as ‘Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos,’ ‘Where is all the antimatter?’, ‘Searching for Intelligent Life beyond Earth’ and ‘The Science of the Mind and Brain,’ it’s a festival that challenges the thoughts, tickles the curiosities, and encourages new perspectives on the issues of humanity. Sewing the seam between science and culture, it’s a true playground for the mind and senses, where interactive artworks meet prominent world-leading scientists.

Set at Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire on the 7/8/9th July, and powered by Ovo Green Energy, the festival is for the forward-thinking weekender. We’re ready to head back to the unique neo-festival of Bluedot for a scientific, sensory spectacle…

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